Focus on bonds

Bond investments have always been at the core of the investment foundation.
Investing in bonds is the core competency of Baloise Asset Management. Since its foundation it has successfully managed portfolios of fixed-income securities, with a current total volume in the region of CHF 20 billion.

The best-possible solution
To add value in terms of performance and quality, even in times of low interest rates and negligible fixed-income investment returns, Baloise Investment Foundation consistently targets steady development and innovation with the aim of continuously improving investment solutions for its investors.

Swiss Franc Bonds Optimized

The investment vehicle "Swiss Franc Bonds Optimized" invests in fixed-income securities and money market instruments denominated in CHF, both within and outside Switzerland. The quota of domestic and foreign debtors is actively managed to increase prospective earnings. Bond selection is oriented to the Swiss Bond Index Total benchmark.

Baloise Investment Foundation deals in debt securities issued by the Swiss Confederation, cantons and municipalities as well as bonds issued by Swiss public law corporations and first-class companies based within and outside Switzerland.

Obligationen Euro

The “Obligationen Euro” (Euro Bonds) investment vehicle deals in fixed-income securities, mortgage certificates and money market instruments denominated in EUR. The bond selection is oriented to the Citigroup EGBI (European Government Bond Index) ex Italy benchmark. We also consider other countries, their administrative entities and international organisations and companies.


The fixed-income investments are based on

  • the principles of economic risk distribution,
  • careful debtor selection and
  • adequate staggering of maturities.

Baloise Investment Foundation exclusively invests in first-class companies and institutions with an adequate credit rating and market liquidity.

In mid-May 2019, Baloise Investment Foundation for Pension Funds optimised its bond vehicles to your benefit: «Obligationen Ausland CHF (Bonds Foreign CHF)» and «Obligationen Schweiz (Bonds Switzerland)» were merged and are now managed as a single vehicle under the name of «Swiss Franc Bonds Optimized».

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